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"Clay is the earth itself, a beautiful substance where life can take root, grow, thrive, break apart, and leave something even better behind. I am continually inspired by its natural synchronicity with living things, how root systems spread within it, and how people have worked with it since time immemorial.


It seems natural that pieces of my own roots should find their way into the clay, and Appalachia remains one of my strongest influences. I celebrate the weedy herbs in my garden, remembering the ones who taught me how to know and use them. I make mixing bowls, baking dishes, and mugs, remembering the love those simple items can be used to share. I create art that can be held with your hands, touched to your lips, and cherished through the years for the same reason I garden, because clay is most beautiful when it's intertwined with life."

Amanda Janes is a ceramic artist working in Waynesville, North Carolina. She received her BFA with a concentration in ceramics from Western Carolina University. 

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